Book #11607

A Government As Good As Its People - 1st Edition/1st Printing

Jimmy Carter
Book #11607 A Government As Good As Its People - 1st Edition/1st Printing. Jimmy Carter.

Binding: Softcover
Book Condition: Fine
Edition: Second Edition; First Printing
Publisher: Fayetteville, AR: University of Arkansas Press, 1996.
ISBN: 1557283982

A splendid first edition paperback. While the paperback is a reprinting of the original edition from 1977, this copy is a first printing in Fine+, unread condition, SIGNED by former U. S. President and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Jimmy Carter.

This volume presents sixty-two of the best and most notable public statements made by Jimmy Carter on his way to becoming president of the United States. Included are formal speeches on specific issues, such as "Pardon Yes, Amnesty, No" delivered in Seattle, Washington, August 24, 1976; news conferences like the one on "Ethnic Purity" conducted for the American Society of Newspaper Editors in Washington, D. C. , April 13, 1976; informal remarks made to political gatherings; interviews (including the controversial Playboy interview from November 1976) ; and excerpts from the debates with President Ford. Available again in paperback, this sampling of President Carter's philosophy is extremely readable. Carter's public pronouncements address the major concerns of our time - crime, taxes, technology, poverty, nuclear energy, world order, foreign policy, urban sprawl, human rights, the American family - and collectively stand as a testament to his deeply held conviction that we still can, and must, have "a government as good as its people. "; 8vo; Signed by Author.

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