Book #12036

Interview with the Vampire (The Vampire Chronicles)

Anne Rice
Interview with the Vampire (The Vampire Chronicles). Anne Rice.

Binding: Hardcover
Book Condition: As New in As New dust jacket
Edition: Signed Edition; Signed by Author
Size: 8vo
Publisher: New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1996.
ISBN: 067945084X

A very beautiful 20th anniversary edition, book, dustcover and matching slipcase in As New condition, never taken out of the original shrink wrap. A collector's copy, SIGNED directly into the book by the author Anne Rice.

In the "Interview with the Vampire", Anne Rice refreshed the archetypal vampire myth for a late-20th-century audience. The story is the one of an 18th-century Louisiana plantation owner named Louis Pointe du Lac who descends into an alcoholic stupor. At his emotional nadir, he is confronted by Lestat, a charismatic and powerful vampire who chooses Louis to be his fledgling. The two prey on innocents, give their "dark gift" to a young girl, and seek out others of their kind in Paris.

Basis for the major motion picture starring Tom Cruise, Kirsten Dunst, and Brad Pitt.

Price: $119.00

Author Bio

Anne Rice

Anne Rice (born Howard Allen O'Brien on October 4, 1941), best-selling American author of gothic and religious-themed books. Obtained world fame with her first novel, Interview With The Vampire (1976).

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