Book #12725

The Complete 2006 Pulitzer Prize Winning Set

Kai Bird, Martin Sherwin, Geraldine Brooks, Claudia Emerson, Caroline Elkins, David M. Oshinsky

Binding: Full-Leather
Book Condition: As New
Edition: Limited Signed Edition
Publisher: Norwalk, CT: Easton Press, 2006.

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A special Limited edition set, all volumes SIGNED by their Author. Spectacular in As New condition, never taken out of their original shrink-wrap.

The 2006 winner of the History Pulitzer Prize Award is a remarkable portrait of America in the early 1950s. David M. Oshinsky uses the widespread panic over polio to shed light on our national obsessions and fears. Drawing on newly available papers of Jonas Salk, Albert Sabin and other key players, Oshinsky paints a suspenseful portrait of the race for the cure, weaving a dramatic tale centered on the furious rivalry between Salk and Sabin. Indeed, the competition was marked by a deep-seated ill will among the researchers that remained with them until their deaths. The author also tells the story of Isabel Morgan, perhaps the most talented of all polio researchers, who might have beaten Salk to the prize if she had not retired to raise a family.

Contains all of the classic Easton Press trimmings: premium leather, silk moiré end leaves, distinctive cover design, raised bands, accented in real 22KT gold, satin ribbon page marker, gilded page edges, long-lasting, high quality acid-neutral paper, sewn pages for strength and durability.

Save 20% compared to the purchase of the individual titles; 8vo; Signed by All Authors.

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