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Palestine Peace Not Apartheid - 1st Edition/1st Printing

Jimmy Carter
Palestine Peace Not Apartheid - 1st Edition/1st Printing. Jimmy Carter.

Binding: Hardcover
Book Condition: As New in As New dust jacket
Edition: First Edition; First Printing; Signed by Author
Size: 8vo
Publisher: New York: Simon & Schuster, 2006.
ISBN: 0743285026

An outstanding first edition/first printing book in As New condition in alike dust-jacket, SIGNED by author and former U. S. President Jimmy Carter directly on the title page.

Former U. S. President Jimmy Carter writes clearly and candidly about sensitive political issues first addressed while negotiating peace between Israel and Egypt. Now , Carter prescribes steps he passionately feels must be taken in order to bring permanent peace to Israel with dignity and justice to Palestine. Israel must desist in violating key U. N. resolutions, official American policy, and the international road map for peace. Carter recognizes and accepts the extremely important role that U.S. government leaders must play in achieving this peace.

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Author Bio

Jimmy Carter

James Earl "Jimmy" Carter, Jr. (born October 1, 1924), the thirty-ninth US President (1977 - 1981) and a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002. Author of more than 20 bestselling books.

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