Book #160608

10-LB Penalty - 1st Edition/1st Printign

Dick Francis

Binding: Hardcover
Book Condition: New in New dust jacket
Edition: First Edition; First Printing
Publisher: London: Michael Joseph, 1997.
ISBN: 0718142454

Price: $163.50

A first printing of the first edition in new condition housed in an equally unblemished dust jacket. Book is in original shrink wrap.

The novel 10-LB Penalty by Dick Francis is a story that follows the life of a high school student named Jack as he is forced to attend a summer weight-loss program run by the school's strict principal. Jack is not happy about the program, but he is even less happy when he finds out that the program requires him to take part in a 10-lb penalty every day. Despite his initial reluctance, Jack becomes determined to make the most of the program and lose the weight. Along the way, he forms a close relationship with one of the other participants in the program, and he learns a lot about himself and his own abilities. 10-LB Penalty is an enjoyable and engaging novel that is sure to appeal to fans of contemporary young-adult fiction.; Large 8vo ; 272 pages.