Book #26801


Harold Budd
Book #26801 Angel. Harold Budd.

Binding: Fine Binding
Book Condition: Fine+
Edition: Limited Edition; First Printing
Publisher: Vancouver: Heavenly Monkey, 2012.
Illustrator: Illustrated by Harold Budd

Set in 18-point Perpetua italic, with 30-point Monument for tilting. The paper is Barcham Green Bodleian, a white, laid 80 gram sheet of which there were just enough to produce an edition of 26 copies. It was lightly dampened and printed with our Washington handpress. The lightness of the Bodleian paper made a single signature of 7 sheets (28 pages) possible. It is sewn into a stiff printed wrap with a two-layered dust jacket: a sheet of hand-marbled paper is wrapped in semi-transparent Japanese tissue, upon on which the title has been printed. The book is presented in a slipcase covered in the same vintage marbled paper, with a spine label. The 26 copies in the edition were press-lettered on the colophon (using the Monument type) and signed by Harold. Only about 20 copies were offered for sale.

Harold wrote the poems in this collection between December, 2010 and July, 2012 - the last, "Ellen's Death" on the passing of his son's mother. The collection includes both short, abstract poems of the type presented in "4" and longer allusive poems similar to "A Thousand Years from Now," one of the most frequently recommended poems from Harold's first collection, Colorful Fortune. ; [28] pages; Signed by Author.

Price: $499.00

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