Book #26812

Aurora Teardrops - Collector's Edition

Harold Budd
Book #26812 Aurora Teardrops - Collector's Edition. Harold Budd.
Aurora Teardrops - Collector's Edition
Aurora Teardrops - Collector's Edition
Aurora Teardrops - Collector's Edition
Aurora Teardrops - Collector's Edition
Aurora Teardrops - Collector's Edition

Book Condition: Fine+
Edition: Limited Edition; First Printing; Signed by Author
Size: 7.25 x 9.5 inches
Publisher: Vancouver: Heavenly Monkey, 2016.
Illustrator: Illustrated by Jane Maru

The Collector's Edition (7.5 x 10 inches, approx. 60 pages including prints) will be 50 lettered copies, of which 40 will be offered for sale. Double-page color reproductions of Jane Maru’s batik paintings, printed on semi-transparent vellum, will be interleaved among the text pages. The Collector's copies will be signed by Harold Budd and Jane Maru. Handbound at Heavenly Monkey in decorated paper over boards.

Harold started writing the 59 poems that form Aurora Teardrops during his first collaboration with artist Jane Maru: a collection of her short films and his accompanying scores, entitled Jane 1-11. It was, however, her batik paintings on silk that he first encountered, and it is these batiks that form the vibrant visual core for Aurora Teardrops.

Heavenly Monkey publisher Rollin Milroy worked with Harold and Jane for over two years on the book’s content and design, experimenting with (and discarding) a variety of ideas before settling on what all three felt was the right combination of materials, methods and presentation.

Like all Heavenly Monkey books, Aurora Teardrops is printed letterpress. While letterpress is not uncommon among the today’s small- and fine-press publishers, Heavenly Monkey is one of just a handful of studios that print from a traditional handpress – nothing is automated: everything, including inking the type, is done by hand. This is not a token exercise in antiquarianism: we use a handpress because only it offers the flexibility to achieve the best possible results. The poems and introductory texts have been set in Cancelleresca Bastarda, a widely-admired face designed by Jan van Krimpen in the 1930s and briefly available in metal from the renowned Enschede foundry. It has not, however, been cast in many decades, and what few old fonts remain usually are worn and lacking the many alternate characters van Krimpen created. Aurora Teardrops Is set in the first digital version of Cancelleresca Bastarda, created by typographer Pablo Impallari, and printed from polymer plates (i.e. , rather than metal type, it is printed from polymer type; the letterpress process is otherwise exactly the same). Interleaved throughout the book are six of Jane Maru’s batik paintings, reproduced in full color on traditional drafting vellum, a semi-transparent sheet that creates a visual effect similar to the original works on silk. Being semi-transparent, these prints both interrupt and overlay Harold’s poems, creating an interaction between the two artists similar to their live musical performances of the Aurora Teardrops poems; 60 pages.

Price: $350.00

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