Book #27843


Ben Greenman

Book Condition: Very Good
Publisher: McSweeney's, 2001.
ISBN: 0970335571

Price: $80.00

Very Good. Minor wear from handling. .

Loose-leaf / unbound. From the Joe Pacheco archive. In the first years of McSweeney's, Joe was the 'house photographer'. This is a black-and-white photocopy of the galley for "Superbad"; copied subsequent to Greenman making final corrections to the manuscript. (Greenman's corrections are present in this copy.) Missing pages 2 (which was blank); 3 (title-page); 4 (blank); 5 (dedication page); 6 (blank); and 8 (blank). Excepting the title-page, the other pages are not present in other galleys that I have seen. It isn't uncommon for the dedication page and blank pages not to be included in galleys. The title-page may not have been included, but equally possible that it was lost at some point.