Book #27917

The Best of McSweeney's

Dave Eggers, Jordan Bass

Book Condition: Near Fine
Edition: First Edition; First Printing
Publisher: McSweeney's, 2013.
ISBN: 1938073592

Price: $140.00

Near Fine / Near Fine. Back-cover sticker is present. This is the Indiespensable edition of "The Best of McSweeney's. The Indiespensable edition is supposed to be signed 6X: Dave Eggers, Jordan Bass, Andrew Sean Greer, Ben Jahn OR Peter Orner, Jess Walter, and Arthur Bradford. NOTE: Jordan Bass did NOT sign this copy. Apparently it slipped through. This is the only copy that I have seen missing any of the six signatures. There are two variants of this signing. Peter Orner and Ben Jahn both signed in the same spot. Each of them signed approximately one-half of the copies. This is the 'Ben Jahn variant'. The other five signatures were the same five people for all copies. Each of them signed in approximately the same place. Once in a while Jess Walter signed a bit higher up than his usual spot. Arthur Bradford signed toward the bottom-left-corner on a fair number of copies. It appears that this usually happened when Dave Eggers' signature was on the large side and shoved Bradfod off the page from his usual spot. This copy has the 'billboard, or 'black-and-white sign' jacket variant. The jacket variants are split approximately 50 / 50. Unfolded, the jacket is a double-sided poster. Half the jackets were folded with one side out, and the other half with the other side out. This copy is unusual, in that Walter signed higher up, between Greer and Orner; Bradford signed at the bottom-left-corner; and Jordan Bass did not sign at all. I've not seen another copy missing Bass' signature. Sadly, J.T. LeRoy was censored out of the Index of Contributors (complete list of author contributors for the first 41 issues of the Quarterly Concern (no love for the illustrators)).