Book #52714

Snow on the Hills

F. S. Smythe
Book #52714 Snow on the Hills. F. S. Smythe.

Binding: Hardcover
Book Condition: Very Good
Edition: Reprint Edition
Publisher: London: Adam and Charles Black, 1948.

A Reprint edition in Very Good condition with wear to the edges of the pages and boards.

Snow on the Hills is a historical novel set in the early 1800s in the fictional town of Westville, Massachusetts. The book tells the story of the Hill family, who are struggling to make ends meet during the harsh winter of 1816. The family is made up of the patriarch, John, his wife Eliza, and their children John, Elizabeth, and Samuel. John is a hardworking farmer who is constantly looking for ways to improve his family's situation. Elizabeth is a bright and optimistic young woman who is looking forward to a future of her own. Samuel is a young boy who is constantly trying to find ways to make friends and fit in with his family. The Hill family is faced with many challenges during the winter, including a harsh winter weather, a famine that is hitting the area, and the death of John's father. Despite these difficulties, the Hill family is able to overcome them and continue to live their lives. Snow on the Hills is a heartwarming story that; Folio; 119 pages; FSA.

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