Book #56688

Spring Moon: a Novel of China - 1st Edition/1st Printing

Bette Bao Lord

Binding: 1/4 Cloth
Book Condition: Fine in Fine dust jacket
Edition: First Edition; First Printing
Publisher: New York, Cambridge, ET AL: Harper & Row, Publishers, 1981.
ISBN: 0060148934

Price: $55.00

A handsome first Printing of the First Edition housed in an equally Fine dust-jacket.

Spring Moon is the story of a young girl growing up in the shadow of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Born in the years before the revolution, she remembers a China ruled by a strict hierarchy and an all-encompassing fear. When the revolution breaks out, her family is among the first to be targeted. Bette Bao tells the story of her young cousin, as they try to survive in a country that has become a war zone. As the revolution progresses, they are forced to flee their home and journey across China, risking everything to find safety. Along the way, they are forced to confront the realities of the revolution and the power of the state. Spring Moon is a story of family, love, and loss, and of the strength of the human spirit in the face of unimaginable adversity.; 8vo; 464 pages.