Book #58851

Leaving You: the Cultural Meaning of Suicide - 1st Edition/1st Printing

Lisa Lieberman

Binding: 1/4 Cloth
Book Condition: Fine in Fine dust jacket
Edition: First Edition; First Printing
Publisher: Chicago: Ivan R. Dee, 2003.
ISBN: 1566634962

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A Fine first Printing of the First Edition housed in an equally Fine dust-jacket.

Lisa Lieberman explores what it means to leave someone behind when they take their own life, and how cultural values and beliefs can shape how we think about and respond to suicide. She argues that we need to start thinking about suicide as a cultural problem, and that we need to start paying attention to the ways in which our society and our individual beliefs contribute to the high rate of suicide in the United States. Lieberman provides examples from around the world of how suicide has been seen and treated, and offers a thoughtful, nuanced exploration of the issue that is sure to provoke discussion and reflection.; 8vo; 175 pages.