Shaddox, Diann

Shaddox, Diann
Diann Shaddox is a member of the Wyandotte Nation of Oklahoma, and she has Essential Tremor.

Diann was born in a small southern town of Nashville, Arkansas, the only daughter of William and Mary Ann Shaddox. But, fate stepped in and William, a crop-duster, at the age of 25, died in a plane crash,the month before she was born. Three years later, Mary Ann, her mother, died leaving Diann to live with her grandparents.

When Diann was in her early twenties, her hands began to shake when she'd do tedious work. One day at the post office changed her world, not able to fill out a simple form. Diann had ET.

On Diann's birthday in 2010, her hands began to shake uncontrollably. That night, anger grew watching her hands quiver. The words began to flow and Quaid Witherspoon, a famous artist, was born. A Faded Cottage became an incredible love story, one about strength of mind to fight fate and never accept what life throws at you.

Now, Diann is determined the word will spread about ET and she is going to help to make it happen. For each book sold, Diann is going to donate a percentage of the proceeds of A Faded Cottage to the International ET foundation. Books Tell You Why will match these contributions for books purchased on