Loyalty and Rewards Programs

We believe in success and in sharing our success with our partners, our customers, and those loyal to Books Tell You Why. On this page you will find a variety of changing programs adapted to specific situations we are addressing and soliciting help and support for.

Any program described here or communicated otherwise might be discontinued or modified at any time without prior notice.

The Discerning Collector at Books Tell You Why. No club, no obligation, no additional marketing communication or emails but a possibility to assist collectors in enhancing and completing distinguished collections of exceptional books. The membership is designed to enable you to obtain your collectible books faster, more seamlessly and at a lower acquisition cost.

Click here for your one year membership, very attractively priced at $50. 

A one year membership of the Discerning Collector entitles you to the following non-transferable benefits, above and beyond what you will find as offers on our web-site.

  1. Acquisition Benefit. A 10% savings off the listed price on all books you order from www.BooksTellYouWhy.com. These savings are available exclusively to Discerning Collector members.
  2. Shipping Advantage. Complimentary one level shipping upgrades throughout the year on Standard and Priority Shipping. Priority Shipping will become Express Shipping, Standard Shipping will become Priority Shipping.
  3. Extended Return/Upgrade Policy. While all of our customers benefit from a life-long guarantee of authenticity as well as a ten day standard return policy, our extended return/upgrade policy allows the Discerning Collector to return books purchased during the non-interrupted duration of the membership in its original shipped condition. We will process the full amount paid minus shipping and a 10% administrative fee as store credit against future purchases at www.BooksTellYouWhy.com. The maximum possible time for a return under this extended return/upgrade policy is limited to one year after the date of the original purchase.
  4. Rewards Benefit. For every dollar you spend on books, you will obtain 10% at the end of your membership year to apply against purchases on our web-site. Example: if you spend $2,500 during your membership year, you will be obtaining a voucher of $250 at the end of the year to be used for all future purchases, incl. future Discerning Collector memberships. Rewards Benefit and Acquisition Benefit cannot be combined.
  5. Gift-WrappingUpon request, Discerning Collector members can obtain complimentary gift-wrapping of their purchases.

Should Books Tell You Why terminate this program, the membership owner will receive a full refund of membership fees paid. The membership benefits end with the date of termination, earned Rewards Benefits will remain with the membership owner. The Discerning Collector membership is not refundable in any other cases.

As part of your Discerning Collector membership you will obtain a confirmation including your Discerning Collector membership code to be applied to your future purchases. Your membership will be valid until the end of the month of your order plus one year, i.e., up to a possible maximum of 13 months. Membership savings cannot be applied for purchases already completed.

Simply add a membership to your purchase to see its benefits right away.