Book #100546

A Soldier's Embrace

Nadine Gordimer

Binding: Hardcover
Book Condition: Near Fine in Fine dust jacket
Edition: First American Edition
Publisher: New York: Viking, 1980.

Price: $50.00

This is a poignant and deeply personal novel about the love between a white South African soldier and a black Xhosa girl.

The story centers on their passionate affair during the apartheid years and the difficulties they face when they are forced to break up.

Despite the obstacles, they continue to love each other deeply, until the day he is sent to fight in the liberation struggle and she is left behind.

The book is ultimately a tribute to the power of love, even in the face of great adversity.; 8vo; $6.00.

Author Bio

Nadine Gordimer

Born 20 November 1923, Nadine Gordimer is a South African writer and political activist. She won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1991, and Alfred Nobel described her work as a “very great benefit to humanity.” Gordimer may be best known for July’s People, which sparked some controversy for its political themes. Gordimer’s writing often deals with racial and moral issues, especially apartheid in South Africa.