Book #70485

Genet: a Biography - 1st US Edition/1st Printing

Edmund White
Book #70485 Genet: a Biography - 1st US Edition/1st Printing. Edmund White.

Binding: 1/3 Cloth
Book Condition: Near Fine in Very Good+ dust jacket
Edition: 1st US Edition; First Printing
Publisher: New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1993.
ISBN: 0394571711

First American edition/first printing in Near Fine condition with some soiling in a Very Good+ dust-jacket with some edgewear.

Edmund White's landmark, Pulitzer Prize-winning biography of the pioneering geneticist and scientist, Gregor Mendel.

In 1922, Gregor Mendel published his seminal work, Über den Zweiges des Blutes (On the Inheritance of Characteristics), in which he demonstrated that certain characteristics, such as height and eye color, are inherited. Mendel was a monk and monkfish farmer who, in the course of his investigations, discovered that traits are passed down in discrete units, or genes.

White's majestic, engrossing biography tells the story of Mendel and his remarkable discoveries, from his early experiments with pea plants to his seminal work on heredity. White brings Mendel's remarkable story alive with vivid portraits of Mendel's contemporaries and successors, as well as with original insights into the scientific process.

Edmund White's incisive and beautifully written biography of Gregor Mendel is a triumphant achievement in the history; B&W Photographs; 8vo; TBC; FSA.

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