Book #102633

The Mischief Makers - 1st US Edition/1st Printing

William Haggard
Book #102633 The Mischief Makers - 1st US Edition/1st Printing. William Haggard.

Binding: Hardcover
Book Condition: Fine in Fine dust jacket
Edition: First American Edition; First Printing
Publisher: New York: Walker, 1982.
ISBN: 0802754716

A first US edition/first printing in Fine condition in alike dust-jacket.

The Mischief Makers is a novel set in the fictional African kingdom of Zululand in the early 1900s. The novel tells the story of John Raffles, a British army officer who is sent to rule the kingdom after its king is overthrown. Raffles is a cunning and ruthless man, and he quickly realizes that he needs to make use of the various factions in the kingdom if he wants to stay in power. He also has to deal with the various obstacles that come his way, including the loyalty of his officers, the scheming of the palace ministers, and the wrath of the queen. The Mischief Makers is a thrilling and suspenseful novel that is sure to captivate readers.; 8vo; 173 pages; $6.00.

Price: $40.00